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History Of Ilbert Manor

Ilbert Manor was born in the year 1840 to Major Brace who named it the Bracely estate. The estate was sold to Lt. William Trotter originally of Hampstead, Middlesex who passed the asset on to Henry Blacken Tattot, London. In few years Sir Courtenay Peregrina Ilbert (June 12, 1841-May 14, 1924) visited Mussoorie and named it the Ilbert Manor. He was the law member of Governor-General of India (1882-86) who gave his name to the controversial Ilbert Bill of 1883. The bill suggested that Europeans should be tried for criminal offences by a judge or magistrate. The British and Anglo-Indian community held an agitation against this measure. The Government ultimately withdrew the bill and negotiated a compromise to try the British by jury of Europeans or Americans. Agitation against Ilbert Bill demonstrated arrogance on part of the Englishmen in India. Later, Sir Courtenay Peregrina Ilbert was appointed assistant parliamentary counsel to The Treasury in 1886 and parliamentary counsel in 1899. The queen awarded him with the Knight Grand Commander order and also Knight Grand Cross.

Miss Elizabeth Rose a close relative of Sir Courtney Ilbert was the proud owner of the Ilbert Manor running it as an up market all suite boarding lodge before the 1947 partition. In the post Independence years, Rani Laxmi Kaur Sahiba of Shivgarh owned the estate.

Today, we have restored the nostalgia that brought the early pioneers to the magic of the hills where the whiff of the Raj still lingers.